PUMA x Gen.G

by build a rocket
March 12th, 2023

With PUMA, build a rocket is guiding a German company through the Asian market for the first time.

The leading gaming and esports agency build a rocket supported the launch of the partnership between PUMA and the Korean esports team Gen.G with a marketing campaign this march. 

For the first time, build a rocket is accompanying a German company to the Asian market. "We are excited to share the passion and enthusiasm of the Asian Esports community. With build a rocket's help, we are confident that we can execute a successful marketing campaign to establish a strong relationship with Esports enthusiasts and the local gaming community," said Christine Kohler, Strategic Account Marketing Manager for Foot Locker Asia 

The company from Herzogenaurach is one of the world’s leading sports brands and has for 75 years pushed sport and culture forward by creating fast products for the world’s fastest athletes. "The cooperation with PUMA is a milestone for build a rocket," says Tobias Heim, Managing Director of build a rocket. "While we have aided several Korean brands in Europe previously, PUMA is the first European brand that we are assisting in optimizing its brand awareness in Korea." 

Various marketing campaigns attracted Korean esports fans to a Foot Locker store in Seoul and promised excellent results for the collection that PUMA developed in cooperation with Gen.G, one of Korea’s most prestigious esports organizations. Collectibles, which are wildly popular in Korea, were available to fans in the form of limited, autographed trading cards featuring player designs. There was also a Meet & Greet with the Valorant players from Gen.G. A photo booth for guests completed the scene on-site. 

Extensive experience in the Asian market 

With Kia and LG, build a rocket has already assisted two of the three top Korean brands in repositioning and building new target groups on the European market through Esports activities. Furthermore, the US fashion company Ralph Lauren was advised by the agency when it came to expanding its business in Japan.