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build a rocket is an Esports agency and part of the SPORTFIVE family. We provide the strategic launching pad to skyrocket companies from all over the world towards esports. Whether you need consulting, strategies, authentic content or marketing campaigns, you can launch yourself with us.
Combining ambition, knowledge, precision and technical expertise, we create effective work for the world's most influential brands, and progress the world of esports.
We understand your regional market. Our team of consultants is located across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

esports marketing dedicated to partners
Dedicated to our partners
esports marketing with unparalleled experience

"build a rocket has been a fantastic partner, helping SAP to define an elaborate esports strategy and consistently responding to tactical challenges as well as new opportunities."

→ Milan Cerny, SAP

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Our team in the studio
50+ clients worldwide
60 years combined industry experience
61 esports experts


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Authentic content, unparalleled consulting, fascinating events and effective marketing. We've ventured on some incredible missions with brands from all over the world. Our crew creates sophisticated strategies, products, events and campaigns with a genuine dedication to Esports.
Engage build a rocket as your global Esports agency and launch your next project with us.

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You can't build a rocket alone

Which is why we've assembled an international team of gamers, strategists and consultants with a rich history in gaming to help you create something meaningful.

Passionately independent, from our humble beginnings to being a world-leading esports agency, everything we do is for our love of the games, community and players.

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We're always on the lookout for new talents to join our mission to progress our clients and the esports story.

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