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Effective activations


Our authentic streamers showcase your brand perfectly.

Website presentation

Product consumption



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Advertising message in live chat with call-to-action and link to landing page.


Live interaction and reactions from the community

Discount codes

Individual messages


agurin: Now you're in for a treat! The new four-cheese pizza from Gustavo Gusto with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Four cheeses as the main characters and augmented reality game on the box. It will blow you away! #Ad

Zuschauer: Delicious!

Zuschauer: Where can I get them?

Zuschauer: The pizzas from them are so nice, I switched from Doktor Oetker to Gustavo Gusto

Zuschauer: OMG looks delicious! Now I also have a craving for a pizza

Zuschauer: Bud Spencer ... Terence Hill ... PogChamp ... PURCHASED

Zuschauer: Often i got magherita at home to put then still fresh stuff on it

Zuschauer: Eat it on stream!

Zuschauer: Yummy! Want it too!

Zuschauer: boah now I am hungry

Panel integration

Placement in the info of the streamer as an image with a link to a landing page.

Barmenia Panel Fisherman's Friend Panel

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