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Influencer and event activation for 20th Century Fox

Every eSports game title has its unique audience - just like traditional sports. There is also a distinct target audience for every new movie release throughout the year, making a potential fit with a scheduled Esports event in the activation time frame very likely. Broadcasted Esports events are a huge opportunity to reach millions of people all over the world.
As one of the biggest international film studios, 20th Century Fox wanted to engage the Esports audience and promote their upcoming movies in the Esports universe, which is perfectly suited for entertainment products due to the nature of the target group.
Build a rocket supported them as consulting agency and implemented several promotion cases featured on events, streams and via influencer activations on Twitch and social media.

20th century fox esports
20th century fox esports
20th century fox esports
20th century fox esports

Reaching the desired audiences

For each film, we conducted a detailed focus group analysis and selected the activations with the greatest potential from a wide range of options.
Due to our many years of expertise we were able to design authentic measures that were accepted by the target group and thus brought added value to the Esports community. We also advised on the media booking and handled the trailer distribution on Twitch. We were responsible for the Influencer booking and handling of the campaign.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” was presented pan-european at ESL One Birmingham 2019. The event reached over 100 million viewers via all streaming channels. For a suitable implementation, we created individually tailored graphic assets to underline the feel of the movie. These assets were shown in specifically selected language broadcasts to reach a wide and multi-national audience. Additionally, instant replays of tournament highlights were presented by “Dark Phoenix”. These replays were spread on social media, including the animation we created featuring assets of the movie. The logo was visible in the ingame logo rotation for 10 seconds every 70 seconds next to regular trailer placements.

Terminator: Dark Fate

“Terminator: Dark Fate’’ was presented at Gamescom 2019 with a Photo-Booth, where fans had taken pictures of them using weapons and figurines of the franchise. Around 400.000 people attended Gamescom 2019 in Cologne. In cooperation with one of Germany’s most famous influencers on Twitch, “Trymacs”, we presented the film to the target audience by completely redesigning all of his channel assets, including overlays, graphics and channel design, to match the visual identity of the movie.

Le Mans ‘66

“Le Mans ‘66” was ideally suited for an Esports campaign based on multiple activation pillars: We developed several event activations featuring the rFactor 2 - 24 hours of Le Mans event as well as several other activations (e.g. a feature with the Nürburgring race track). These events took place within two months before the movie release, offered an excellent thematic fit and were highly attractive in the relevant target group. To emphasize the presence of the film within one of the most popular racing simulations (rFactor 2), the logo of the film and a link to watch the preview were presented at every launch of the game over a period of almost 3 weeks. The result speaks for itself: within a very short time, the trailer received around 360,000 views. Furthermore we planned and organized a Twitch influencer campaign as well as a Twitch Ad campaign to gain additional reach prior to the release of the movie.

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